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The best traditional Kerala cuisine

January 20, 2023 by admin

Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can choose from various dishes in Kerala cuisine. The greatest spices are used to prepare and serve fish, poultry, and other delicious foods. We'll talk about Kerala's traditional dishes here. Here is a list of Kerala's top meals, which you should try at least once. Hire a Taxi service in Cochin for further assistance because they are familiar with the area's routes and know where the best food spots are.

Puttu and kadala curry

It is a typical breakfast that is consumed throughout the state. Puttu is nothing more than a steamed rice cake shaped like a cylinder containing grated coconut. Kadala curry is the ideal accouterment for this. A dish created with chickpeas, spices, coconut milk, etc. If you arrive at the airport early in the day and are hungry, you can ask the Cochin airport taxi to drive you to the nearby restaurants and have puttu and kadala curry.

Stew and appam

Another recipe created with rice flour is this one. To make a thin pancake with crispy edges, coconut milk, and rice flour are combined to generate a thick batter. This delicious appam pairs nicely with stew.

Karimeen (fish) Pollichathu

It is Kerala's most delectable and popular traditional dish. Lemon juice and other ingredients are used to marinate the fish. Red chilies and other ingredients are wrapped in plantain leaves and baked, giving them a distinctive flavor and mouthwatering aroma. When visiting Kerala, you should never miss this gem.